A sommelier owned and operated Champagne, Wine and Cocktail bar and French Restaurant.
Located at 2622 P St NW in the heart of historic Georgetown it offers a neighborhood vibe situated along a quiet street lined with row homes and colonial era architecture with barista service weekdays with small snacks, evening dinner and weekend brunch.

The over arching mission of Apéro is to create a space that facilitates joy and a sense of welcome. "The best way to express how much you care is through acts of service," says Elli Benchimol, owner. "Making people feel welcome, familiar and at ease is what hospitality is about."
Meet Our Leaders
  • Elli Benchimol
    Originally from San Francisco, Elli Benchimol grew up in Northern California's wine country working through college at San Francisco State at some of the best chef driven restaurants in the city, under talented wine mentors with award winning wine lists. She was first captivated by wine while working at the Fifth Floor in San Francisco under the reign of Raj Parr and Laurent Gras. She has spent the past decade running an industry tasting group in D.C. and has lost count of how many of its attendees have gone on to pass exams open businesses and run programs after her tutelage. Apéro is the culmination of a lifelong dream for Benchimol to bring the joy of both hospitality and approachable, joyful love of wine.

  • Sean Meehan
    Bar Manager and libations officer